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Teneriffa Service overview

You would like to become a resident in Tenerife and are insecure in explaining yourself with the Spanish authorities? We can help you with all necessary procedures, such as applying for the NIE-number, or residence permit, according to Spanish law.

Do you want to live in Tenerife and take your car with you to the island? We take care of the re-registration and help to declare the car as part of moving items. Are you owner of a registered car in Tenerife and need to register a document at the ITV (MOT)? We also can assist you with this. We can make appointments at the ITV and present your car or motorbike there.

If you have already purchased a house or an apartment on the island and cannot stay here all over the year? Teneriffa Service offers to look after your property during your absence, taking care of your letter-box, changing water, electricity and garbage bills into your name, if necessary, as well as cleaning and gardening, so that everything is fine once you return. Please contact us if you are interested.